Rockin Jump San Diego Review

Last Updated on April 4, 2023 by Single Dad In Diego

If you had told me when I was a kid that there was a place that you could go that was nothing but trampolines I probably would have asked my folks if I could move there! I have taken my kids to Rockin’ Jump San Diego a bunch of times, so I have a ton of experience to give you this Rockin’ Jump San Diego review.

Why take the kids to Rockin’ Jump San Diego?

Rockin’ Jump San Diego is a place where kids can literally run wild. It offers a wide variety of trampolines activities, but it also provides:

  • An arcade
  • A 30-ft high rock climbing wall
  • A foam joust pit and beam
  • Basketball hoops with trampolines below the hoops (sick air!!)
  • Dodge ball on trampolines
  • Miniature Golf
  • Party Rooms

So if your kids cannot find something they like to do here…

There is a fair amount of parking, but it can fill up pretty quickly on weekends. They also offer packages to save you money based on how often you plan on visiting.

So in this Rockin’ Jump San Diego review, I am going to walk you through all of the attractions available, the prices, and what your kids will love (and maybe not love) about this place.

rockin jump

What you get for what you pay at Rockin Jump (with special attention paid to socks!!)

I won’t walk you through all the possible costs to use the facility. Needless to say, there are several choices, and the more you buy, the smaller the price per visit. Here’s a link to their tickets page which will give you an idea of the various costs.

One thing that I did find a little awkward was their insistence that you use their socks. Yes, you read that right they have their own socks. The socks are green with grip bottoms meant for the attractions there since you cannot wear shoes.

Could you bring your own socks? Absolutely. The problem is that if you do not have their socks, the staff will sometimes stop kids from taking part in the attractions and of course most kids are not going to argue the point.

They do not charge much for the socks you can keep reusing the ones you buy, but still, it is a bit awkward.


The Arcade 

The arcade is fine for what it is but quite frankly feels a bit “thrown in.” Honestly if you want to go to an arcade, go to an arcade, not a trampoline park.

There are quite a few games, and they even do the whole “win tickets to redeem for prizes” thing. Like most arcades nowadays, you load up a card and swipe to play the games.

Long story short if you are coming for just the arcade, go somewhere else (like an actual arcade!)

The Rockin Jump Rock Wall

 This is an unexpected yet very welcome site. A rock-climbing wall complete with buttons at the top of the wall that let out a loud siren when pressed (to commemorate that you climbed the length of the wall).

Before you worry about kids falling, they are harnessed in around their legs and mid-section. The harness is attached to a sturdy metal-rope safety system that gently lowers the kids to the ground in the event they let go or slip (or just finish and want to be lowered down without climbing down).

rock wall

My oldest makes it about halfway, looks down, and decides he has had enough! Either way, he loves it, and every time he climbs, he gets a little braver and gets a little higher.

The Main Jump Area

The centerpiece of the facility is the main jump area and the obstacle course and vert walls that are right next to it. The trampolines are great for kids because:

  • There are a bunch of them arranged in a huge square
  • There are trampolines at a 45-degree angle that make up two of the “walls” that surround the main area
  • Everything that is not a trampoline is well-padded so the possibility of injuries from hitting something “hard” are pretty slim

The Obstacle Course and Vert Wall

So this is a recently added feature that my kids love. The obstacle course is just like the rest of the place:

Looks “dangerous” but has so much padding that the chance of kids getting hurt is pretty minimal.

This main area is enormous and allows kids to run and jump to their heart’s content. The vert wall comes in three sizes (each higher than the next), and the object is for kids to get a running start and then try to “climb” a wall that has no place to grab on to. It is very American Gladiator (for kids).

Speaking of which the obstacle course is very much in the same vein. While there is a path kids are supposed to follow through the course, they rarely seem to do it, especially when there are a lot of kids there. Either way, there is a lot to keep them entertained and physically challenged. Again the great part is, even if they push their limits, they most likely will not get hurt.

The Rockin Jump Dodge Ball Area

This is dodge ball on steroids! This is a court that is similar to the main court, although smaller, that allows kids to play dodge ball with the added attraction of trampolines below their feet. As you can see from the video above, kids of differing ages (and sizes) play together so if you worry about your little one playing something like this with bigger kids be aware.

As an aside, my oldest did take a ball right in the face. He cried for a minute and then sprinted back out to the court!! The balls are typical lightweight inflatable “beach” balls, so they are not heavy or hard like a soccer or basketball, so the chance of real injury is pretty low.

The Jump Into The Air Mattress

So the best way to describe this is like the track and field event, the long jump. The difference is that they are running on a trampoline and instead of jumping into a pit of sand, they are jumping into a giant airbag, much like a stunt man might dive into from the top of a building.

long jump

I have seen many examples of kids getting a running start and jumping rather than running on the trampolines with the final jump, propelling them into the airbag. There are occasionally flips and spins as part of that last jump!

Once again, you will notice how well the whole area is padded for the kids’ protection.

Basketball Hoops

rockin jump

Now do not be fooled, this is not a spot for a pickup game of hoops. This is a spot where kids can get a running start, jump higher than they could on a court, and then slam dunk!

This is one spot that kids usually do not stick around at too long. They basically have to go one at a time, and once they have tried to dunk a couple of times, it begins to lose its luster.

This is especially true for little kids that cannot jump high enough to dunk.

The Rockin Jump Joust Pit

Not sure if this is the right description, but this is yet another American Gladiator style attraction. Kids love this because they get to beat each other up, without anybody getting hurt (and they fall into a giant foam pit when they lose).

When you see this in action you wonder why they don’t just have a giant foam pit for kids to play in (they do not like kids jumping in the pit if they are not “jousting”). My guess is the worry kids could get hurt jumping into each other.

Rockin' jump san diego joust pit

Snack Bar

Well… it’s a snack bar. Nothing fancy, just pizza, nachos, sodas, ice cream…the usual. Way overpriced as you might imagine and not much variety. I doubt you should really expect any more than this so if you are looking for five-star cuisine, well keep looking. There are water fountains by the bathrooms if you do not want to pay for bottled water, but I am pretty sure they do not want you bringing in any outside food and drinks so just plan ahead.

rockin jump

Mini Golf

I honestly do not know why this is even here. If you want to go play mini-golf, there are other places to do that. This seems somewhat “tacked on” and is a pretty low-budget mini-golf course. It looks like they just put it together one weekend with some close-out artificial turf they bought.

Not to mention which it is completely exposed with absolutely no shade so in the summer months it can get really hot. I am not sure I have ever seen anyone playing (except my kids!).

The Things I Have Not Tried (Yet) at Rockin Jump

This place has several party rooms that seem to be very popular for kids of all ages (including “big” kids, a.k.a. young adults!!). They are pretty basic looking but folks can bring their own sweets and decorations and then get pizza and drinks form the facility. Here is a link to their party options page. This seems like a great place to have a birthday party just because of all the things kids can do and the attractions really lend themselves to groups of kids playing together.

Who is watching the kids????

One of the things I was really impressed with about this place is the amount of staff. There are several folks in the Rockin’ Jump bright green colored shirts keeping an eye on all the kids. Their job seems to be:

  • Maintain order, especially on attractions where kids need to line up and go in turn
  • Make sure kids are remaining safe like no jumping in the foam pit, “spotting” rock climbers, and the like
  • Generally, just roam about the facility to make sure everyone is having fun and playing by the (limited) rules–is it any wonder kids love this place???

Should we just pay each time or buy a package?

Here is a link to their packages. I could tell after the kids first trip that they were going to want to keep coming back, so I bought a 90-day package that includes 90 minutes of time in the center plus free mini-golf.

So I guess give it a try yourself, but even if you figure you are going to come here twice a month (in the summer for example), the package seems like a good bet.