Circus Vargas Review

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When I was a kid, I loved going to the circus. So when my neighbors told me that Circus Vargas was in our neighborhood, I jumped at the chance. In this Circus Vargas review, I will tell you what I loved, and thought was lacking. It is an excellent time for kids and adults alike. All it takes is a little planning.

So what is Circus Vargas?  Circus Vargas is a good old fashion circus. The show is under an actual big top. There is a center ring, and seating is in the round.

The cast includes many different performers. Some of the performers pull double and triple-duty in the show. For example, one of the ringmasters is also one of the acrobats on the flying trapeze.

Circus Vargas is entertainment at its most basic. Hot dogs and popcorn, cotton candy, lots of things making a lot of sounds, and a lot of bright lights.

circus vargas review
Performers Taking Post-Show Photos. (Kids Not Interested)

What has most definitely changed since I was a kid was a lack of animals. I won’t go into why that is because I’m sure you already know. What surprised me most was that this change did not in any way detract from the show itself.

One word of caution is to prepare to spend money. For a circus, the tickets can be a little pricey. Once at the show, everything available for sale is going to seem high-priced.

I always refer to this as Las Vegas logic. If you’re having a great time, you don’t notice the cost as much. Of course, if you don’t have a good time, then this is going to seem like a rip off!

One of the things I thought my kids would love was meeting all the performers after the show. I thought this was a great touch. It turns out my kids couldn’t care less, but it is the thought that counts.

After my visit, I realized there were some things I would’ve done differently. So let’s dive right into this Circus Vargas review to talk about those things and more.

There were many things I wanted to touch on in this Circus Vargas review. This circus was a great way to spend an afternoon with my kids. Often kids don’t like the things you think they’re going to love. Well, while I can’t say that my kids were head over heels for this, they had a good time.

Here are some tips that I figured out after the fact:

Let’s dive into a little more detail about all these things.

Circus Vargas Review Seat Selection

OK, I will admit it. I am a bit of a front-row snob. So when I went online to find tickets and saw they were seats in the front row, I jumped at them.

circus vargas seating chart
Pick your seats with care

They were not bad seats at all. We were as close to the center ring as we could get. The problem was that the view was often limited. In fact, during the trapeze, we were literally under the safety net. As such, we were trying to look straight up to see the performers. In addition, we were looking through a big black net.

circus vargas performance
Front Row Seats…Not The Best View Of The BEst Act!

So as part of this Circus Vargas review, I would say that If I had to do it again, I would have sat in the center in one of the back rows. There is nothing happening upfront that is worth being there. not to mention which they charge you more for these seats!!

Ain’t No Health Food Here

If you are going to the circus, you probably are not expecting a real “low-cal” type of day. Your kids do not like that stuff anyway. So my foodie part of this Circus Vargas review is that this is a lot of popcorn, hot dogs, nachos, and cotton candy. Oh yeah, it is going to cost you too!!

None of this stuff is going to blow your doors off. Your kids will love it and do you think they have really discerning palettes? Yeah, I did not think so. They have a snack car out front of the tent, and then more specialized stuff inside the entrance. To top it off, there are vendors walking through the seats.

If you want junk food, you will find it.

Plug Your Ears

Since we were sitting right by the edge of the stage, we were also right by the speakers. Now maybe if you are sitting where I suggest this will not be an issue. Where we were, it was loud. At one point near the end of the show, there are motorcycles racing in a steel ball (pretty amazing). This is pretty loud as well.

I’m guessing that overall the event is not that noisy, but just a word of caution as part of this Circus Vargas review for those sensitive to loud noises of any kind.

Parking Was Awesome

We attended this in the parking lot of a shopping mall. Since the show was at the outer edge of the parking lot, there was no issue parking. We parked about 300 feet from the entrance. So we had no more than a two-minute walk inside.

Of course, since it was a busy lot on a Saturday, there was a lot of traffic rolling by so holding kid’s hands for the walk is a must.

You Will Be Yearning For Your Sofa

If there is a real “con” that is part of this Circus Vargas review it is the hard plastic, fold-down seats. Enough said. After two or so hours, I was squirming quite a bit. Of course, the kids could not care less and there is so much sensory input, I doubt they will even notice seat quality.

The Circus Vargas Review: Start Slow, Finish Strong

The first couple of acts are a little slow. It’s hula hoops and balancing acts. What they do is pretty impressive (I know I could not do it) but in terms of pure excitement, it leaves a little to be desired.

This is maybe showmanship at it’s best. Ease us all into the experience and then work up to the big acts.


I was surprised by the fact that there was a fifteen-minute intermission. This served two purposes:

  • It allowed them the time to set up the huge safety net for the flying trapeze act
  • It let them sell you more food and drinks

After seeing the setup, this intermission was unavoidable. This setup took up the entire ring and then some. They also need to move through the crowd to secure the net. So it is probably best they get as many people out of there as possible while they do all this. When you see the end result, you will be happy about the wait.

The Big Question for a Circus Vargas Review: Would I Go Again?

Absolutely! The crux of this Circus Vargas review is that my kids were asking the next day when we were going back. I think there were certain parts they liked and then others they sat through. So if we went back too soon, they would be bored with a lot of the show.

Going once per year or so? That is a great time for everyone.

So you just said no animals. Why?

Well, I do not know this for sure, but I am assuming it is because it is pretty cruel to keep animals caged up. The second part is that this operation seems pretty “lean-and-mean”. I am assuming that keeping animals would drive their costs way up. You won’t miss them. In fact, most kids would not even know about circuses that ever had animals.