Jiobit Uses For Parents

Last Updated on June 7, 2021 by Single Dad In Diego

I have written a couple of articles outlining why I love the Jiobit child tracker. I’ve had these things for over a year so I really feel I know the ins and outs of how to use the Jiobit tracker. In re-reading my posts, there really isn’t a lot of information about Jiobit uses on a daily basis. So with my experience with the product, I thought I would write a post about how parents use Jiobit.

So what are some Jiobit uses? In its simplest form, parents use Jiobit to keep track of their children. That sounds great in theory, and it is pretty practical when putting them to use. There are however several nuances to using the product. These come in the form of how you will use the Jiobit hardware and software and also what your children will be doing while wearing the tracker. 

In one of my first posts about the Jiobit, I opined that I’d use them in certain situations but probably not in all of them. In fact, I seemed to be indicating that I would only use the tracker in what I felt were “high risk“ situations. Thus, in most circumstances, I would probably not use the tracker.

How Parents Use Jiobit

I have found in the time that I’ve used the Jiobit, just the opposite has been the case. There really are not many situations where I don’t utilize the safety the tracker provides.

There are virtually an unlimited amount of Jiobit uses where the Jiobit tracker is useful and handy to have in place. As my kids get older, they begin to gripe about having to wear them (shocking, huh?).

I doubt this has anything to do with Jiobit’s being somehow uncomfortable or bulky. It certainly seems it has a lot more to do with their freedom to “get away from me“ without me knowing where they are. Probably a common problem that every parent and child faces as kids grow up.

How Parents FInd Jiobit Uses On a Daily Basis

My kids are six and five respectively. There is a constant push and pull between how much freedom I allow them to have and how much I want to keep track of them.

This may be my favorite thing about the Jiobit tracker. I feel that this technology allows me to let them be “on their own“ more than I probably would if I did not have a tracker. The flip side is the kids know they’re wearing the tracker and that they also know that I still virtually see them even when I don’t physically see them.

How Parents Use Jiobit

So taking all that into account I’ve reached the point where now one of the first things I do in the morning is to outfit one piece of their clothing for the day with the Jiobit tracker. I’ve talked in the past about the pin lock pouch I use to secure the tracker and it is quite simple to insert that into one of the pieces of the clothing for the day.

A Real World Example

My neighbors son is just a year older than my oldest. They spend a lot of summer days hanging out together. 

On one of those days, they were both at my house. After a while I noticed a distinct lack of noise (they are ALWAYS making some noise!).

I took a lap around the house and found nothing. Did the same outside and found nothing. Time to check the Jiobit.

When I looked at the app, I saw my son was at the park that is just a couple of block from our house. Truthfully if I did not have the Jiobit this would have been my first stop. What if they were not there?

The point being:

Even in the most benign situations, it is never going to hurt to have them wear the tracker and this is one of the most vital of Jiobit uses!

My kids know this neighborhood well enough that they could have gone to the park and back with no issues (most likely). I just like having the peace of mind of knowing where they are when they are not in my sight.

Let Kids Push Boundaries

This story illustrates how parents use Jiobit. You can let your kids push boundaries in relative safety.

I do not know that I am comfortable with my kids going to this park on their own. At some point, they are going to be old enough to go on their own.

As a parent you know there is not magic age when that occurs. It is a feel of how responsible they are. It is bound to be a leap of faith on your part as well.

So when you ask how parents about Jiobit uses, this is a prime example of how the tracker lets your kids explore with the “safety net” of you being able to virtually keep tabs on them.

Use Them When You Are Away

One of my favorite features of the Jiobit software are the trusted places and trusted caregivers options. These function much in the same way the app does when the kids are with you or at your home.

When you set up trusted places with the app, you see the same indications in the software that you would if they were at your home. Not only does this save battery life, but it gives you a quick glance to let you know they are at the location you expect them to be without having to track them down to the square inch.

The trusted caregivers function works the same way. It’s as if you have the caregivers phone in your hand, and you keep tabs on them just as if they were with you.

When used in conjunction, these features mean you can keep a general sense of where your kids are when they’re in the care of someone else. So once again, you can see them and make sure they are OK without having to keep an eye on them like a hawk and this is one of the greatest Jiobit uses.

This has been great for me personally because when I leave the kids with somebody else, I feel better about whatever I’m doing knowing that the kids are where they’re supposed to be. So for example when I’m out playing a round of golf during these crazy times, I have a lot more fun when I can quickly check my phone and make sure that the kids have not wandered off from where they’re supposed to be when they were in the care of someone else.

Let Them Roam And Give Yourself Piece Of Mind

Many of you may feel that I am going overboard in using these trackers. Maybe that has something to do with being a single parent with two kids. Maybe I’m just a worry wart.

When asking the question of how parents use Jiobit, the real point is that their small size, their long battery life, and a pretty nice app allow you to use them in as many or as few situations as you decide but you always have the flexibility to adjust their use based on need and situation.