Electric Skateboard for 7-year-old

Last Updated on April 4, 2023 by Single Dad In Diego

Are you a little worried about putting your 7-year-old on an electric skateboard? Put your mind at ease with this Electric Skateboard for 7-year-old review.

For Christmas, my son wanted a one-wheel. Not only are these things way too expensive for a seven-year-old, but these beasts are also for adults or teens.

So the bridge to that from a traditional skateboard was an electric one. Off to Amazon to find some choices and read some reviews. After a look around I settled on the WeSkate Longboard Cruiser.

Here is everything I will tell you about this board:

The First Question of Any Electric Skateboard for 7-year-old Review: What Will The We Skate Set Me Back?

This board costs $189.99 when I purchased it. It was by far the cheapest model offered by WeSkate on Amazon. There were less expensive boards on Amazon but their construction or style did not suit me. I bought this because I liked the look of the board. It also offered simple controls that a child could adapt to.

The board only had four ratings which made me nervous. I like to buy products that have hundreds if not thousands of reviews. The four it got were all 5-star. The one that left a review said they rand it into a wall at 15 km/hr and it left the tiniest dent on the nose. As a parent, I said sold!!

My First Impressions

The board had a very clean a stylish look. It felt sturdy in your hand. I soon found that at 8.5 pounds, it could be a lot for a 7-year-old to carry. On our first trip to the park, I told my son he needed to carry it back to the car. He did it, but he was grumbling.

Electric Skateboard for 7-year-old

The design of this electric skateboard for 7-year-old could not be simpler. A sealed battery mounted to the underside of the board. The electric charger plugs in with ease. Next to that is a power button and charge meter that illuminates during charge and operation.

The battery only drives one of the rear wheels, not both. This does not seem to be an issue since skateboards go in a straight line with only gentle turns. At first, my concern was that the board would pull to one side because of the uneven propulsion. This was not the case.

The remote seems a little lightweight but so long as you do not run it over with the board, that should not be a problem.

The First Rides

When my son got his board he wanted to ride right away. It was raining outside so I said he could try it indoors. It was not long before I had a skateboard-nose shaped hole in my drywall!

My son also owns an electric scooter. He got the hang of this in short order. This is most likely due to the handlebars providing balance. The electric skateboard for 7-year-old is a new challenge altogether.

One of the nice features is that the remote offers low, mid, and high speeds. All this does is limits the top speed of the board. So he has started on low and is beginning to get the hang of it.

Electric Skateboard for 7-year-old

There will be falls so be aware. As with all modes of kid transport, a helmet is a must. Some elbow pads are not a bad idea either since backward falls happen a great deal.

The remote is small enough to fit in a child’s hand. It has a power button, a forward/reverse button, and a thumbwheel throttle. Kid’s will figure this out in no time at all.

My only gripe of this electric skateboard for 7-year-old is the design of the thumbwheel. Forward is go, backward is stop, but it is not a brake, it cuts the throttle. It would have been better if they had done away with the forward/backward button. Then the thumbwheel could have been forward and backward with a neutral (stop) position.

Will It Last?

The true measure of any toy is how long it remains popular. Now my kid is a sucker for all types of riding. Rollerblades, bikes, skateboards, if it has wheels he loves them.

So it is no surprise that each of these fall into and out of favor. The point is they keep getting used. He rides his bike for a while and then he decides he wants to use his scooter for a while.

One thing that sets this apart is the motor. I can remember that when I was a kid anything with a motor was heaven. I know how much he likes to skateboard. Add in the fact that this board has a motor and I am convinced this board will stay in heavy rotation.

Final Thoughts For My Electric Skateboard for 7-year-old

As parents, the more we spend on kids’ gifts the more we start to question their value. What is the point in spending hundreds on something if it will end up in the closet in a week?

The WeSkate I bought checks a bunch of boxes. The cost was low compared to other boards. It is well built and easy to ride. My son is having a blast riding it even if he is still a little unsteady at times. If you are thinking of this as a gift for your child, this is a can’t miss.

If you want to know more about what WeSkate offers for your kid, take a look at their product line here on Amazon.