5 Great Kids Activities During Coronavirus

Last Updated on June 1, 2023 by Single Dad In Diego

Are you and the kids going a little stir-crazy these days? Don’t worry you’re not alone. Here are five great activities for kids during coronavirus that I have found.

Kids Activities During Coronavirus

In any web search, you will find an endless number of activities for your kids during coronavirus. The problem, of course is, will your kids even enjoy these activities?

In my experience, these five activities guarantee a good time for my kids. Let’s take a look at some of my most reliable activities.

1. Head to the playground and find other kids to play with

Early on in the pandemic, I wrote a post about taking kids to the park. Back then there was still a lot of concern about transmission of the virus from surfaces as part of kids’ activities during coronavirus.

I have since read several articles that say that this is pretty low risk. On top of that, you are talking about surfaces that spend the entire day outdoors.

One of the things my kids miss during the pandemic is interaction with other kids. So a trip to the playground is as much about getting that interaction as it is exploring slides and swings.

I am not an infectious disease expert. My belief as a parent is that if all the kids are wearing masks and they are all outdoors this is a safe activity. Add in the fun of exploring playground equipment and this is a great way for kids to spend some time.

One important note is that it is vital for you to remain diligent about masks. Don’t let your kids take off their masks. Don’t let your kids play with any other kids that are not wearing masks. Stay vigilant and stay safe.

2. A Great Kids Activity During Coronavirus: Rollerblading or Ice Skating

Want a kids activity during coronavirus that is safe, fun, and great exercise? Skating is all that! Now I am assuming that you will not be able to find an indoor rink to skate at. No problem at all.

The outdoor skating you can do will depend on your climate. Where I live we do not have any lakes freezing over so we hop on the rollerblades. What I love about this activity is:

  • It is a great workout (for parents too)
  • It teaches kids balance and coordination
  • You can add hockey sticks and a ball or puck and make a game

Of course, kids should be wearing helmets for this. Even some wrist guards, elbow pads, and knee pads help with this activity. They are going to fall so make sure it does not hurt too much.

3. Board and Card Games

This is something my kids love and you can even add a 21st-century twist. Some of the games my kids love include:

  • Uno
  • Monoploy
  • Jenga
  • Trouble
  • Pokemon

Besides being a great kids activity during coronavirus for the whole family games like this have added benefits. Depending on the game they teach things like math and strategy. It is great to see kids learn different ways to try to win the game.

One example is the game Uno. Kids learn that they may have many cards that they can play. Choosing the right card for the point in the game is what is most important.

My tactic is to help them with us a couple of times but then let them learn on their own. I may (or may not) let them win a couple of times. From there I try to win. They are not learning anything if they always win. This is true in the game and in life (I think).

The best part? Games like these all exist in some electronic form. All of the fun and none of the mess to clean up!

4. Arts and Crafts

My kids love to draw and paint. They seem to love to do anything that’s artistically creative.

Each of them has their own desk to do their work. I invested in quite a bit of both blank and lined white paper. They also have a chalkboard and a whiteboard.

When you add in some watercolors, pencils, pens, and dry erase pens, you have the makings of a kid’s art studio. I have no way of knowing if I have a couple of the Picassos on my hands! This is, however, something they can spend quite a bit of time doing as a kids activity during coronavirus.

5. Science Experiments

A while back my oldest son received a “magic” kit for his birthday. Most of what this was were science experiments that they call magic.

None of the items were dangerous. Kids could mix different inert chemicals with water. There would then be reactions like the water would bubble or change color.

As a parent, you can read along to tell them why those things were happening. The kids love the results and they are learning something about science along the way.

To Wrap Up My Kids Activities During Coronavirus

The number of activities available to kids may have diminished during the pandemic. Your goal is still the same. As a parent, you are looking for things for your kids to do. You hope that many of these will also go a long way to teaching them valuable lessons.

When you are creative in your approach, you can find a virtually endless amount of things to do with the kids. All of you will enjoy your time together. The added bonus is the bonds you are building with your kids and the lessons they are learning.