Kids GPS Tracker: The One That Stands Out

Last Updated on January 4, 2021 by Single Dad In Diego

From the time my kids could walk I started thinking about a kids GPS tracker. Being a single dad with two boys, I am concerned one of them will get away from me in a public place.

If you are a frequent browser of Amazon, you will find many choices for a kids GPS tracker. The problem I found is that many do not work the way I would hope.

kids gps tracker

When I first started looking for a kids GPS tracker, I wanted a device that would be a “find my iPhone” for my kids. I soon realized that this was not an easy find.

The Kids GPS Tracker I Settled On: The Jiobit

I have written about the Jiobit. I’ve written about how to use it and also some great accessories that come with it.

I keep coming back to this topic because this is such a great accessory for parents. Some of the highlights of this device include:

Let’s dive into more detail about each of these elements of this great GPS tracker for kids.

Amazing Tech

I mentioned before but my perfect kids GPS tracker would be a “find my iPhone” for my kids. There are in fact several contenders out there that fit the bill. You can read all about the choices I reviewed in my Jiobit Review.

What stood out about the Jiobit, was the combination of a broad base of technology with a phone app that is easy to use. The Jiobit tracks kids using Bluetooth, phone signal, or GPS.

The device and software choose the right technology for you. It does this based on where you’re located and your proximity to the devices. The non-techie point is that when your kids are wearing a Jiobit they’re precisely tracked.

A Surprisingly Small Size For A Kids GPS Tracker

When I first began looking for a kids GPS tracker, one common choice was a GPS watch. At first blush, this seemed like a great choice. The device would be small, easy to wear, and most likely your kids would think it was cool.

I soon discovered a couple of potential problems. One was that in the worst-case scenario of a child abduction, the device was easy to see and remove.

Another problem was that many of the watches worked on very old technology. I didn’t even know that “2G” even existed anymore! On top of that, you often had to get your own sim card and your own phone or GPS plan to go with the watch. Too complicated and not worth it as a kids GPS tracker.

In my post about Jiobit accessories, I wrote about the pin lock pouch. What is great about this pouch is:

  • It is small
  • It is easy to attach and can attach in inconspicuous places
  • Is difficult to remove by someone other than the parent

That last point was the game-changer. Chances are a random person would not have the hardware necessary to remove this device. Sold!

Not A Bad Price

As of this writing that the Jiobiit retails for $129. You then need to subscribe to a monthly tracking service. These range from $8 to $15 per month per device depending on the length of your commitment.

The great thing about this investment in this kids GPS tracker is the peace of mind it gives you. On top of that, these devices are indestructible. I’ve had mine for at least a couple of years and they are still going strong with no problems.

An added bonus is that because they are trackers, you pretty much cannot lose them. Even if you only have a general idea where they are in your house, they can emit a tone to let you find them.

Final Thoughts On Why I Think a GPS Tracker For Kids Is Such a Good Idea

I cannot get over the value equation the Jiobit provides. This is a small and sturdy device that allows you to keep track of your kids minute by minute.

There is an upfront investment and a monthly cost. Most parents would agree however, that what you get in return is a tremendous value.

The Jiobit also offers tremendous flexibility. As a parent, you can choose to use it as little or as much as you want. No matter how often you use it, your children barely know it’s there. If the price is not an issue for you, there was really no other reason not to own a Jiobit for your kids.