Kids First Snow Day Ever!

Last Updated on February 4, 2022 by Single Dad In Diego

Do you remember your kid’s first day in the snow? My kids have lived in San Diego since they were born so we didn’t have a lot of snow days. We recently moved to Portland and wouldn’t you know, it snowed!!

Kids First Snow Day Ever

Kids First Snow Day Ever Gets Started

It started with me seeing that the weather was calling for snow. So of course I told the kids. Big mistake!! Now I heard nothing but:

  • When will it snow?
  • Why isn’t it snowing yet?

I’m a pretty good parent but I still cannot control the weather. So best to leave this as a surprise. Let your kids first snow day ever be like them waking up on Christmas morning.

Our snow day started with me looking out the window and saying “oh hey it is snowing!” It was not cold enough for the snow to stick to the ground (yet). So the kids ran in the snow for a while and that was that.

It was not long before it was sticking to the ground. Now I needed to (quickly) get them ready for playing in the snow.

I recently bought them some gear for an upcoming snowboarding trip (more on that in another post). So on went the gloves but I could not get them to put on any other stuff. It was all I could do to get them in a raincoat and a knit hat.

Once out in the snow, well there was not much for me to do. Make sure they were not freezing and talk them through how to make a snowball!

Now my kids were unique in that they were older than most kids for their first snow day. I am sure an infant may like a snow day, but do they really know anything except it is cold?

If you have kids that were not born in snowy climates, how did you prepare them for their first snow day? What was their experience like?