Morning Routine For Parents: 9 Simple Steps To Start Your Day Right

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If you find that the day gets away from you before you know it, it might be because you do not have a plan for your day. By following a few simple steps for a morning routine for parents, you can streamline your entire day right from the moment you wake up.

Your Morning Routine for Parents Should Start the Night Before

1. Make a sleep plan

One of my greatest new finds is the Bedtime App on the Apple iPhone. This app lets you set a bedtime and wakeup time. It will sound an alarm when it is time to get up. It will also start to wind you down before it is time to sleep.

morning routine for parents

A good morning routine for parents starts with a good night’s sleep. Don’t let your desires to do a million things before bed rob you of productivity the next day.

2. Shower at Night

If you can cut out time on “getting ready” in the morning, you are way ahead of the game. Why not do some of these things in the evening when there is less time pressure to get going. I like to take a shower before bed rather than in the morning for this reason. Make sure it is not too hot or long as this can hinder your sleep.

3. Take Some Time for You

When the kids have finally headed to their beds for the night, now is time for you. Spend thirty minutes doing something that is adult that you like. Binge watch an episode of a show, listen to music, or read a book.

4. Map Out Your Day

Take a little time before bed to outline some things you want to get done the next day. This does not need to be an exhaustive list. Jot down things you know you want to get done the next day.

Do not forget that this list should also include things the kids need to do. Maybe there is some unique activity they need to do the next day. Make sure you account for that as you plan the next day as part of your morning routine for parents.

Putting Your Morning Routine for Parents Into Action

5. When You Wake up, Get Up

When the alarm goes off, get up! No snooze buttons! If you get up on your own before your alarm, get up then. Use your judgment of course. If your alarm is for seven and you wake up at three that might be a little early.

If you wake up on your own thirty minutes before your alarm, get up. The extra thirty minutes of sleep you MAY get won’t help much. Plus you are wasting thirty minutes you could be using to your advantage. Your body is waking you up for a reason so listen to what it says.

6. Revisit Your To-Do List As Part Of Your Morning Routine For Parents

Revisit the items you jotted down the night before. Make a plan for when you will get to these points during the day. Do not fall into the trap of saying you will get to them all at the end of the day. Map out a specific time for each. They were important enough to write down so they are important enough to get done.

7. Know When You Are Working Out

Exercising should be a part of every day. You do not need to run a marathon or lift weights for an hour. It can be as simple as twenty minutes of yoga or a light walk.

The problem is that this is an item that can get pushed back as part of your morning routine for parents. Then it gets completely skipped at the end of the day. If your kids homeschool and have time on zoom calls each day, workout during that time. Then this important item gets done and you can get on with the rest of your day.

8. Eat a Healthy Breakfast

I am not a dietician and I will not pretend to be. There are plenty of sites to see what makes up a healthy breakfast.

My goal with breakfast is to eat something filling that will not leave me feeling bloated and tired. These first hours of your morning routine are vital. Don’t handicap yourself with a breakfast that makes your want to crawl back into bed.

9. Keep Assessing and Take Into Account Curve Balls

Things often do not go as planned. Your morning routine for parents will be no different. When you add-in what you AND your kids need to do that can be a lot of variables.

Understand that this will happen and plan for it. Your morning routine should be more of an outline than a to-do list. Treat this list like that and keep some flexibility. There may be urgent matters that need your attention. When you get those done, come back to the items in the list.

Remember to keep going, keep accomplishing, and understand that a little chaos can be a part of your routine as well.

As a Parent, Why I Have a Morning Routine

Days are precious and often way too short. The best part of a morning routine is not the steps involved. It is the fact that it gets your day off on a good and organized foot. I find if you hope things will get done, you waste precious time at the start of your day accomplishing very little.

Take these steps as a template and make them your own. The benefit is not in the steps themselves but in accomplishing them each day. Creating this type of discipline will go miles towards making your family’s life more productive and enriching.

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