Freelance Portfolio

Before you peruse my freelance writer portfolio, you might want to learn a little bit about how I got here. I spent 10 years running four different small businesses. In that time, I was often a one-man marketing department. Because of that, I spent quite a bit of time writing materials designed to drive action.

What Happened Next?

When I closed my last business, I decided to go into freelance writing and marketing full-time. I obtained a Nanondegree in Digital Marketing from Udacity, and I also received a Copywriting Certification from the Blackford Center. Once I had completed my training, I began working at the entry-level of freelance writing, content creation, and digital marketing.

What I Have Been Doing Lately

In the last 4 years, I have been working exclusively as a freelance writer and digital marketer, slowly growing my portfolio and building my resume. These days I spend my time writing all manner of materials. Examples of that work fill this freelance portfolio page, plus you can also check out the blog that exists on this page. Enjoy!

Some More About My Work And Me

Check Out My Linkedin Page

Some examples of my work.

How-To Guides
Product Reviews
freelance portfolio
Website Pages

Here is a sampling of guest posts I have made on other sites.

Finally, here is a partial list of companies that I have worked for in the past four years that are a huge part of my freelance portfolio.

If you are still not convinced of my skills and abilities (is that possible???) I have quite a few more examples of my work that I would be happy to share. Just shoot me an email at

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