Razor E100 Electric Scooter Review

My Razor E100 Electric Scooter Review starts with a warning. Like you, I was hesitant to let my 6-year-old have something with a motor. Then again, for as fast as he rides his bike, I figured this scooter could not go any faster.

So what is my Razor E100 Electric Scooter Review?

The Razor E100 Electric Scooter is not going to set any land speed records. Its top speed is only 10 mph. While this may seem slow to adults, it is neck-breaking for a 7-year-old. A 100-watt motor drives the scooter, and a 24V battery provides power. My memories of that age are that anything that has a motor is fun. So while the speed may not be mind-blowing, young kids will love it. The best part is that it is not going so fast that it is dangerous. As I said, my kid can go faster on his bike, so this should be safe enough for him.

The true test of any toy for young kids is how often it gets used. The next trick is how long that use last. My son has had this scooter for about three months. It still gets plenty of use. In fact, when he takes it to a playground, he is the toast of the blacktop jungle.

As a parent, you are most concerned with:

I have several weeks of putting the scooter through its paces. As such, my Razor E100 Electric Scooter Review can walk you through these topics.

The Nuts and Bolts of The Razor E100 Electric Scooter Review

The first thing I can say about this scooter is that the build is exceptional. It has a very heavy feel to it, not in any way cheap or flimsy. Please note that if you are loading this into a car, you need to take this in mind. It is not a “fling it in the back with one hand” type of toy.

The charging is simple enough. If you can plug in your phone, you can handle this scooter. Next to the socket for the charger is an indicator light. This turns green when the scooter is on or when the charge is full. The light turns red when the scooter battery is less than full and is charging.

Razor E100 Electric Scooter Review

One of the hurdles to mastering this scooter is how it starts. Kids must start kicking like they would on a non-motorized scooter. Once they reach about 3 mph, the electric motor “kicks” in. When I say kick, I mean that. There is a noticeable “kick” when the motor engages.

This can take kids a bit of time to get used to. My kids jumped off the first few times this happened, but they got the hang of it over time. The method they use is to hold the throttle fully open as they begin to kick.

On that note, in this Razor E100 Electric Scooter review, the throttle does not seem to have speeds like an automobile. That is to say, in a car, as you press the pedal more, the faster the car goes. With this scooter, it feels more like all or nothing. The engine is on full speed, or it is off.

Once kids get the hang of that, this is nothing more than riding any other scooter. The scooter also has a brake with a handle control. Not only does this handle apply a brake to the wheel, but it will also kill the engine as well. This is true even if you still have the throttle open.

The designers of this scooter created something with power (but not too much) but with a caveat. They designed something that will not “get away” from kids. The best of both worlds: fast enough, yet still safe enough.


Let us start with the obvious. If your child struggles with a manual (non-powered) scooter, then stop now. To be able to ride this electric scooter, your child must know the basics of how to ride any scooter.

Hop on and ride!

If that is not an issue, then the safety of this electric scooter should not be an issue. It will seem fast to them, but the scooter does not move all that fast. As I said earlier, my child can ride faster on his bike! I hope it goes without saying, but a helmet is a must!

Also, I would not let my kids ride this barefoot. If they bail off the scooter, they need shoes. They are necessary to keep feet from getting scraped up and for traction to stop.

Keep in mind that 10 mph is faster than most kids run, so if they do bail out, they will be moving at a fair clip. Best that they are ready since they will most likely ride this on a hard and unforgiving surface.

Razor E100 Electric Scooter Review: Ease Of Use

Once kids get the hang of this scooter, it is easy to ride. The issue is getting to that point. As I said earlier, it can be tough to get used to the motor “kicking in.”

When the motor engages, there is a jarring feeling that occurs. I know because I tried it myself! The problem is there is no way for kids to know when the engine will engage. They start kicking, and then the engine starts.

There is no way to “practice” this. There are no baby steps to learn this. The truth of this Razor E100 Electric Scooter Review is that once kids start to get a feel of this, it will be simple for them to master. It takes a bit of practice, is all.

Once they get that down, it is dirt simple for kids to ride this scooter. Best of all is that they are going to have a blast riding this scooter.


I have had this scooter for roughly three months. As I said before, this scooter feels heavy and well-built. The truth is, there are not lots of parts in this scooter. As such, there are not a lot of things to go wrong.

In my experience with the scooter, there have been no problems so far. You plug it in, charge it up, and it goes. There is nothing you need to do with the motor, like adding any fuel or oil. It is all batteries and an electric motor, so it is pretty “idiot-proof.”

How long it will run

The manufacturer of the scooter states that the scooter will run for 40 minutes per charge. In my experience, this estimate is pretty spot on.

In the times my kids have ridden this scooter, they have rarely used up the entire battery. 40 minutes may not sound all that long, but that is a lot of scooter riding!

Even when we have taken the scooter to the park, and a bunch of kids take turns, the battery still lasts. Like everything with this scooter, the battery does not offer anything to complain about.

What type of surfaces will it work on?

This scooter has pretty robust wheels. So it will definitely work on any surface. That said, the harder the surface, the faster the scooter will go. At this point, my kids ride almost all the time on asphalt.