Jiobit Pin Lock Pouch Review

I have recently written a review of the Jiobit tracker. While I think this is a fantastic product, before I found the Jiobit pin lock pouch one of the problems I had with the product was how to attach it to the kids keeping in mind:

  • That it remains attached
  • That it does not get damaged
  • That it is concealed
  • That it is comfortable for the kids to wear

So when Jiobit introduced the pin lock pouch, I was certainly intrigued. At first glance, it seemed to check all the boxes of what I was looking for. So I ordered a couple, started using them, and now I have some great thoughts on how these pouches work (and sometimes don’t) in this Jiobit pin lock pouch review.

So why should I buy the Jiobit pin lock pouch? A Jiobit pin lock pouch review would not be very helpful if it did not answer that question. So here is my answer in the context of the criteria I laid out for what I am looking for in an attachment device.

It remains attached

The pouch works with a magnetic pin to keep it attached. The pin goes into a magnetic lock that can only be removed with a magnet supplied by Jiobit. I have never tried other magnets to see if they work, but my guess is they would. In the real world, who is going to walk around with a magnet and even more, who would know the way to unlock this thing is with a magnet unless they owned one as well. Long story short, this thing will stay attached.

The Jiobit does not get damaged

I used to use the included belt clips to attach these to my kids. The problem? When they start running around, wrestling with other kids, jumping, running (all the kids thing love to do) it is very easy for enough force to be applied to the clip to snap it off the Jiobit. The problem is that it rarely snaps off but instead will rip the Jiobit in half. Not a good solution. The pin lock pouch solves that problem because the attachment mechanism is not attached to the Jiobit itself, but rather the pouch.

The Jiobit remains concealed

This is a bit of good news and bad news. The pin, the lock, and the pouch are all a little obvious and seem out of place on a normal kid and their regular attire. The best way to attach AND conceal is to do that on the inside of the kid’s clothes for example with the pin and pouch on the inside of a pair of pants and then the lock inside a pocket. The problem? This is hard to do once your child is already dressed. So yes it can be done, but it takes some planning and work.

It is unnoticed by the kids

Pretty much all of the attachment solutions Jiobit offers are not noticed by kids once attached. So the pouch is no different but it does a better job in all the other areas.

OK, so that is the nuts and bolts of how it works and the problems you may encounter. So now I want to give you some real-world usage examples of the pin lock pouch in action. One of the things I mentioned was that I like to keep the Jiobit concealed. The Jiobit is definitely an “expect the best, plan for the worst” type of purchase. The truth is, most of the time I use the Jiobit with my kids, I have a pretty good idea of where they are even without the Jiobit.

jiobit pin lock pouch review

So for me, the point of the Jiobit is to protect against the “worst” cases:

  • Kids get lost
  • Kids get snatched
  • Kids are injured and cannot come to me

I am sure there are countless other scenarios that parents fear and dread. In most all of those cases, I want the Jiobit to work, to stay attached, and to be unseen as much as is possible.

I should also point out that when using these it is best to discuss them with your kids. Tell them that they should not talk about them with anyone. Not really an issue when they are with people that they (and you) know but if they did get snatched, you do not want them alerting those that grab them that they are wearing a tracking device.

So let me then give you some scenarios of what did not work in the past, why the pin lock pouch is an improvement, and how even with this pouch, there are still some things to consider when buying and then using.

Let’s start with what I love about the Jiobit pin lock pouch

So it stands to reason that a Jiobit pin lock pouch review is going to contain a bunch of things I love about this product. I have already laid out some of those things already but there are a couple of things that are worthing emphasizing.

It sure seems durable

The bag itself is nothing more than a sturdy fabric pouch with two metal eyelets at the top of the bag. This is where you insert the pin through and then secure it to the lock.

I cannot imagine a scenario where this pouch will rip or tear. It is made of a flexible yet sturdy material.

The pin and lock are really quite simple in design. The pin itself is like a very large push pin (careful the end is sharp!!).  It is designed with having to poke it through all manner of fabrics in mind. I have yet to find a piece of clothing I cannot push this pin through.

The lock is also quite simple. When the pin is inserted the lock “catches” the pin. To unlock it, you place the magnet over the lock and the pin is released. One note is that there have been times when the pin would not release. This is solved by grabbing the pin and twisting and pulling while the magnet is on the lock.

In all the time I have used the pin lock system, it has NEVER disengaged on its own!

Almost impervious to kids trying to break it

Of course, kids are not actually trying to break their Jiobit (I hope) but since the Jiobit is simply free-floating in the pouch, I have yet to find a scenario where the Jiobit has been damaged when in the pouch and attached to the kids.

You can put it practically anywhere

Since this system is so simple and relatively compact, you can put the pouch practically anywhere you can stick the pin through.

The drawbacks

Nothing is perfect, right? Despite so many good things about this product, my Jiobit pin lock pouch review would not be complete without my gripes about the product.

Size matters

One of the things I love about the Jiobit is its compact size. When you place it in this bag you are making the whole thing about double in size. So what was once a tiny piece of technology is now a fairly noticeable fabric bag.

It is obvious

I just had Thanksgiving dinner at a friend’s house. One of the other parents there asked me what the things were that were sticking out of my kid’s pants. I tend to put the Jiobit and its pouch in their pockets, put the pin through from the pocket side, and then the lock outside their pants. 

While it is still pretty small, it does tend to stand out. The solution, of course, is to do the reverse and put the whole thing inside the pocket but lock it from the inside of the clothing so nothing is visible.

This is tough to do with kids already wearing the clothes so if you want to go this route plan accordingly. Many times my kids want to run to the park to play and I will just use the exterior method because I don’t want to take the time to hide the pouch with the interior method, but it is certainly possible to do so.

But aren’t there plenty of ways to attach a Jiobit that comes with it when you buy one?

Well, yes. The problem with all of them is that they are not as secure both in terms of staying on your kids or somebody (that is not you) trying to take them off.

Jiobit has belt clips, ways to simply tie it to shoelaces, wear it like a necklace, and so on. All of these ways make it easy to take the Jiobit off. Maybe it is as simple as your kid deciding they do not want to wear in anymore and they just remove it themselves.

So if you want a way they cannot do that (short of taking off the piece of clothing it is attached to) then this is your solution. That also why it speaks to where you should attach it. Jackets are often removed, but pants and shorts usually aren’t so that is why the best place for me is a pants or shorts pocket.

The point of a Jiobit pin lock pouch review: Is it worth it?

Well, you read this far in my Jiobit pion lock pouch review just for this answer. If you cannot already tell from your reading my answer is absolutely yes.

Could this be improved upon? Of course but it certainly seems that Jiuobit is a company that is listening to owners to see what works (and what does not) and then designing accessories to meet those needs.