Rollerblading For Kids

I have loved Rollerblading for years. Recently I got my kids started playing ice hockey. They liked it well enough, but it was a bit of a chore for all of us. So I thought why not try Rollerblading For Kids.

So when I started looking into Rollerblading for kids, it seemed the perfect fit. They could skate without all the hockey gear and the cold of the ice rink. Best of all was they could just walk out the door and do it any time they wanted.

So how to get started with Rollerblading for kids? 

The great thing about Rollerblading for kids is that it does not take much gear to start. Besides the skates, the minimum I recommend is a helmet (a must!) and wrist guards.

Once you have the gear, now is the time to start learning how to skate. If you do not know how to skate, the challenge is greater teaching your kids.  Beyond that, you just need a patch of concrete or asphalt.

Big Wheels Rolling!

Like all kids’ hobbies, Rollerblading for kids can get pricey very quickly. It does not need to be that way.

It is always best to see if Rollerblading for kids is a hit with yours before you start spending a ton. One worry with kids is that they will outgrow their equipment pretty quickly. That, of course, is very true with the skates they wear.

No need to worry. I’ve got some tips and tricks to keep the entire experience on a budget. Even better, it is going to be a great time for the whole family.

Rollerblading for kids is great for many reasons. It is great exercise, it is great fun for the whole family, and you can do it pretty much anywhere.

Getting Started With Rollerblading For Kids

Getting started with rollerblading for kids does not take much. All you really need are a pair of skates, some wrist guards, and a helmet.

There’s a good chance you probably already own a helmet for some other activity they are involved in. It is perfectly OK to use this helmet. So that just leaves the skates and the wrist guards.

You could easily find used skates for your kids. Whether you go new or used, the cost for either is not very high.

Wrist guards are usually going to come in a set. The set will include elbow pads and knee pads.

My kids won’t use these. Frankly, as long as they’re wearing a helmet, that’s all I really care about. So let’s dive a little deeper into the equipment, and how to start them rollerblading.

Rollerblading For Kids
Start slow and they will get the hang of it!


When my kids decided they wanted to start rollerblading, I just went on Amazon and found them some skates. For kids this age, the cost was not that exorbitant.

As you might imagine I did not buy top-of-the-line skates. The reason for this was:

  • Who knew if they were going to like it?
  • They were just getting started so they don’t exactly need top-of-the-line gear

So the skates showed up and we strapped them on. They had an advantage because they had spent quite a bit of time ice-skating.

The feel on your feet as you skate is a little different, but the principles of skating are pretty much the same.

They look exactly as you would expect. Like babies that were first learning to walk. Of course, there were a few falls along the way. In fact, they’re still are.

That is where the wrist guards become so important. When kids are first learning they tend to fall backward.

When they do fall, they put their palms down to the ground. The guards not only protect their hands from getting scuffed up, but it also protects from broken bones in the hand and wrist.

It really was amazing that their knees and elbows didn’t get scuffed up that much. They can, but more often than not when they fall they fall on their hands on your butt.

I’m sure you can find them a butt pad, but there’s no way my kids wear those!

How to teach rollerblading for kids

So if you have no experience skating yourself, the first little bit of rollerblading is going to be tough. In this circumstance, a great way to get started is to hold their hands and walk in front of them. You walk backward while they skate forwards.

There are two basic things you want to teach them here:

  • Maintain balance
  • Learn to push and glide

Kids will learn pretty quickly that the wheels will not simply slide out from under them. So long as they are keeping their weight over their skates, the skates will stay on the ground and they will stay upright.

As you hold her hands, try to keep them in a position where their knees are bent and their shoulders are over their feet.

The biggest problem kids have is they start standing straight up. Then their upper body weight sways and they fall.

Inevitably they will fall in whatever direction the upper body is falling. This first little bit of time it’s going to be a lot like learning to ride a bike.

They start with the training wheels to keep them from falling from side to side on a bike. Here you want to just make sure they maintain the correct position. You are their training wheels!

The other principle they will need to learn is how to actually move on skates. This is done through a process of pushing to the side with one skate and gliding on the opposite skate.

Try to make sure they are not moving their feet too quickly. It is common for kids to take short choppy steps. This is most likely due to them thinking this is like walking or running. One trick is to teach them to skate on one foot at a time with the other in the air.

While you were holding them up this is OK. Learning how to take longer strides is going to come when they’re skating on their own and they get more practice.

Remember there are going to be a lot of falls at first. If you’re starting to see a lot of banged-up elbows and knees then, by all means, put those pads on.

Of course, I would always stress do not let them start putting any equipment on without the helmet first. In fact, I make my kids put their helmet on first, then the guards, and finally the skates.

Make sure they are protected before the skates go on. One common fall is getting up from a seated position.

Rollerblading For Kids Is Something They Will Love Right Away

I hate to make guarantees but I am guessing your kids will soon learn to love this sport. The only thing that usually stops kids is the pain and fear of falling.

If you get through the initial phase of learning, kids will figure most of it out on their own. While you’re at it, be brave and get yourself some gear. This truly is fun for the whole family that is great exercise as well.