ABC Mouse Reviews 2020

In the past, I wrote a post about ABC Mouse. This was a great tool when the kids were in school. Now that they are not, I wanted to write an updated post based on the number of google searches for “ABC Mouse Reviews 2020.”

This post will go more in-depth about the program. I will also highlight some of the features I am currently using that I never tried before now. The reason I am calling it “2020”….because this very unique time has made this program a virtual must for parents.

So what is new in 2020 for ABC Mouse users? 

ABC Mouse has a wealth of features. Today I am using the guided learning path a lot for both my kids. On top of that, I am using the assessment tool to measure progress. I am also using several of the add-on apps offered by ABC Mouse.

Make no mistake that this is not a substitute for attending school. Since that is not an option right now, ABC Mouse in 2020 is a pretty darn good substitute.

Let’s get started learning.

I am guessing they’re a lot of parents that have never used or even heard of ABC Mouse. Now quite a few parents are faced with homeschooling their kids.

I know as a parent I am not overwhelmed by putting this into practice. I am worried that I do not know how to create a proper curriculum for my kids. My problem is doubled with two kids. They each need their own curriculum.

I have been using ABC Mouse as a supplement for quite a while. Now it is how I teach my kids. Since I have started, I have been diving deeper into the program. I wanted to see everything it had to offer. I also wanted to make sure I was getting the most out of it.

So now I am using their suite of tools to create something on several fronts for my kid’s education. I am not a teacher so this is new to me. The great thing about this program is that it is idiot-proof (I can attest to that!!).

There is so much to worry about in 2020. First is the health and well-being of your kids. If you use these ABC Mouse tools, you can make sure your kids are still getting a pretty good education until school starts up again.

ABC Mouse Reviews 2020: All That ABC Mouse Has to Offer

So you are here because you are now homeschooling your kids. I know it is a lot to deal with. You want to keep them on a good educational path. The problem is how to do that consistently.

I won’t go into the points I covered in my first review. What I would tell you is that I am focused on one facet of ABC Mouse now. Added to that, I am using a couple of new tools that I have now found. Some come with a price tag and some are free of charge.

I don’t worry that much about how this all might line up with the education they were getting at school. I cannot duplicate that. So what I am instead doing is using the tools I have now to keep them on a path I have created.

If you are wondering how I created that path, well that is where all this technology can shine…if you know how to use it.

The Learning Path

One of the sections of ABC Mouse is called the learning path. This is a guided tour for kids that takes them to progressively harder exercises. There are ten levels in all. As they complete all the activities at one level they automatically move to the next.

abc mouse review 2020
Screenshot of Learning Path

If you are just starting with the program you can customize this. So if your child is in first grade, you can change what level your kid starts at. That way they are not wasting time doing things they already know how to do.

What is great about this is that kids can follow along on their own. You do not need to keep picking activities for them. I tend to just watch my kids to make sure it is going well.

The added apps

When I started poking around in the parent’s section of ABC Mouse, I found a bunch of other apps that you can download free of charge. These apps are not different from the curriculum of ABC Mouse. In fact, if you went through the app, I am sure you find very similar (if not identical) material.

abc mouse review 2020

These apps consist of either videos or exercises. They cover science, writing, language, math, and music. They do not take the place of ABC Mouse. Think of them as specialized supplements. They also help to break up any monotony that kids may feel from doing the “same thing” with ABC Mouse.


For a fee of $99 per year, there are assessment tests you can give your kids. Just as with the learning path, start at a level that is age-appropriate. If you are already using ABC Mouse, they will automatically start your child at the right level.

abc mouse review 2020
Screenshot of assessment result and suggested activities to fill in the blanks

These are progress tests pure and simple. Some kids can do them on their own. Some require a guided tour of sorts from you. In either case, their scores are tallied at the end. A high enough score and the section is complete. If they score too low, there are exercises from ABC Mouse that are recommended to reinforce any problem areas.

You can choose to do all the assessments at once or you can do them one by one. This seems to be a great way to chart your child’s progress and hit any areas they may be struggling with.

To me this is just the same as giving kids quizzes and tests in school. The goal is not to see the “score” the goal is to see progress. Beyond that, and more importantly, it shows areas that still need work.

ABC Mouse Reviews 2020: My Home Schooling Goals

For kids at my age, we are just trying to build a base with which to keep learning upon. They are just learning to write and read and do math. I just want them to keep making progress during their time out of school. This could easily be a time when their skills atrophy just like muscles when you stop working out.

My work and theirs combined with tools like ABC Mouse are helping all of us to keep moving on the road of the educational process during somewhat trying times.

Stay safe and stay positive!

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